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Verleih AGBs von Sport Mitterer Leogang

Sport Mitterer rental terms & conditions

Terms and conditions are valid for all Sport Mitterer rental items

Rental terms and conditions:

The conditions are valid for all Sport Mitterer rental items:

1. Backup

As a deposit a valid official identy card or a blank extract of a credit card is to be deposited in the shop. Any damages to the rental objects or equipment which are caused by the renter are to be paid to the full extent, or will be debited to an account by the credit card.

2. Theft/loss

The rented objects and equipment are not insured. By loss or theft the full replacement value is to be paid.

3. Examination

Signing confirms that the rental material was checked by the renter to make sure that there are no obvious defects and the material is fully functional.

4. Takeover

Should defects be ascertained by the takeover, these are to be reported to the rental company staff immediately. The renter is liable for any damage that occur during the rental period. The rental objects and equipment are not insured.

5. Cleaning

All rental products are to be cleaned (washed) before returning them to the work shop. For returning the equipment too late you will be charched.

6. Damages to people and things

Sport Mitterer is not liable for any damage to equipment or people, that occur by or with rental company material. The choice of the material especially the size and a type of equipment occurs through the customer. Usage at your own risk. The customer must pay for any damage to all equipment except for wear and tear material. If the customer takes an insurance of € 10,00/day/bike, damages are covered up to an amount of € 500,00.

7. Distance choice and tour choice

The choice of terrain (track or tour) to the equipment is your own choice and responsibility. By usage in the bike park you must follow all bike park rules. Our category Endurobike is not allowed to ride on Freeride and downhilltracks like Flying Gangster or Speedster, these bikes are supposed to ride on single tracks.

8. Returning of equipment

If the material is not returned in the allocated time without informing the rental shop, you be charged extra. Bikes have to be returned at 5pm .

9. Liability insurance

The renter agrees that he is liability-insured to guarantee the cover oft he possible damages which could originate.

10. Person under age

Persons from 16 to 18 years must have the permission & the consent of a parent or guardian. For renters less than 16 years a parent or guardian must sign this explanation.

11. Renter

All rented objects and equipment may be used only by the signing person. The customer agrees with his signature that he has understood the rental company terms and conditions.

12. Data privacy

You as a renter accept that Sport Mitterer asks for name, address, ID and your height and weight to assure a proper rental execution. Your data will not be given to any other persons or company. All the data will stay with Sport Mitterer for at least 4 years. After the rental period you are open to demand that your data will be deleted from the system. You will find our data privacy under www.sportmitterer.

All rented objects and equipment may be used only by signing person. The customer agrees with his signature that he has understood the rental company terms and conditions.